Brass Gasket

As a professional high quality Eight® Brass Gasket manufacture, you can rest assured to buy Brass Gasket from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

1. Complete specifications, stable sealing performance and high temperature resistance; 

2. Solid copper gaskets have outstanding effects in vacuum flanges;
3. The softness of the copper gasket can fill the uneven surface of the flange;
4. Copper gaskets are easy to process and can be produced in any specification and type.
The solid copper gasket is processed by mechanical cutting, and its excellent softness can fill the uneven parts of the flange surface. Wide application temperature range and low leakage. We provide various specifications and types of solid copper gaskets, and choose different copper products to manufacture gaskets according to customer requirements, such as: red copper, brass, etc.
Copper gasket performance:
Use temperature: about 500℃, melting point: 1083℃, hardness: before quenching ≥60HB, after quenching ≤45HB
Gasket Tolerance:
1. Outer diameter: +0.0 ~-0.1;
2. Inner diameter: +/-0.1;
3. Thickness: +/-0.1.
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