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The role of machine copper sleeve on construction machinery.

Machine copper sleeve (sliding bearing) composed of hinged parts is excavator, loader, bulldozer, crane, boom frame type concrete pump truck, aerial work car and other engineering machinery operation device commonly used hinged devices, qualified hinged parts should have a reasonable clearance, the clearance can store grease, to ensure that the bucket shaft and shaft sleeve in relative motion to reduce wear and resistance. The reasonable fit clearance of the hinged parts can leave a certain space for the thermal expansion generated by the relative movement of the pin shaft and the shaft sleeve, so as to prevent the production of sintering.
If the articulated clearance is out of whack, it will cause the pin and shaft sleeve to match loosely, produce vibration, impact and partial wear, leading to increased wear or bucket shaft fracture, and even lead to major equipment and personal accidents. Articulated clearance is out of whack, will also cause the construction machinery operating device action deviation, shaking, resulting in the reduction of its operating accuracy, working efficiency. Therefore, it is an important link to improve the reliability of construction machinery to keep reasonable hinge clearance.

Machine copper sleeve is a kind of mechanical lubrication parts, because of the difference in material, technology, etc., and is divided into many kinds, each machine copper sleeve has its own characteristics, so the purchase of different industries also has a little difference.

With the continuous increase and improvement of construction machinery, the demand for machine copper sleeve, bearings and other components is also increasing sharply, among which machine copper sleeve is the top priority among these components, because it is the core of the operation of machinery.

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