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Precision Parts Machining should have the following seven requirements

1. Requirements for technicians: Only an experienced craftsman can formulate a scientific, precise and efficient process flow. The process flow is the guiding specification for Precision Parts Machining and the basis for NC programming. If the workmanship is not good, the whole factory is busy in vain!
2. Requirements for equipment precision: The precision of the selected processing equipment itself should meet the precision requirements for Precision Parts Machining. If the precision of the processing equipment cannot meet the requirements, there will be no way to process precision parts that meet the requirements.
3. Requirements for operators: Operators are technical engineers who are directly engaged in on-site operations. They need to strictly implement the process flow. They should have the most basic equipment, fixtures and tools. They have rich experience and strong hands-on ability. can actually solve the problem.
4. Requirements for measuring tools testing: The quality of measuring equipment directly affects the testing results of precision parts. If measuring equipment, there is no way to detect the required tolerance accuracy. Then it does not have the evaluation of precision parts, let alone provide engineers with quality improvement directions and data.
5. Requirements for materials: materials have very different requirements for the processing of Precision Parts Machining, and different materials have different processing properties. The requirements for processing parameters are also different. We need to choose the appropriate tool, revolution, feed, and various processing parameters according to the processing performance of the material.
6. Requirements for tolerance accuracy: The level of tolerance accuracy directly affects the processing technology and the selection of processing equipment and processing parameters. This requires our process engineers and operators to have a quantitative and precise grasp of tolerance accuracy. In order to process precision parts that meet the requirements.

7. Requirements for the environment: The processing environment refers to the environment where the machine equipment workshop is located, which must meet the requirements for precision parts processing. Sometimes, the vibration and noise of the floor or the cleanliness of the air, too much dust. Temperature and humidity will affect the accuracy and stability of Precision Parts Machining.