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How do precision parts do CNC machining

In practical application, the precision of precision parts must be greater, the more exquisite can reflect the processing level and quality. At the same time, such products are favored by customers. Generally speaking, CNC machining has incomparable advantages and characteristics in production, and the product quality is generally higher. What are the characteristics of NC machine tool precision parts processing?

1. First of all, CNC machine tool precision parts processing productivity is higher, CNC machine tool parts processing can be several surface production processing. Compared with ordinary lathe production and processing, can save a lot of process flow and time, CNC machining parts quality is much smoother than ordinary lathe.

2. CNC machine tool processing precision parts in the development of new products has an irreplaceable role. Generally speaking, parts of different complexity can be processed according to programming. As long as the program flow of CNC lathes is changed, the design scheme is reshaped and refreshed, which can greatly reduce the product development cycle time.

3. CNC machine tool precision parts processing automation is sufficient, greatly reducing the energy and labor efficiency of the staff. Workers do not have to control the whole process in the production process like ordinary lathes, the purpose is to observe and supervise on CNC lathes. And CNC machining relative technology content is higher than ordinary lathes, so relatively ordinary lathes on brain requirements higher.

4. The investment of the early project is larger than that of the ordinary lathe, because the price of the CNC machine tool is very high, and its maintenance cost and its production and processing are long stages.